Moldbug’s Hierarchy of Politics

moldbug's political hierarchy

For Moldbug, freedom means minimization of rights violations, and this is compatible with a powerful government apparatus. Indeed, it may not be achievable without this apparatus. Unlike most people with libertarian ends, Moldbug is no fan of anarchy.

In the post “From Mises to Carlyle: My Sick Journey” Moldbug chronicles his journey to post-libertarianism. In it, he lays out a political hierarchy of needs that is necessary to achieve the personal freedom of the kind that libertarians and others desire. He writes:

[…]to maximize freedom, eradicate anarchy. To achieve spontaneous order: first, achieve ordinary, down-to-earth, nonspontaneous order. Then, wait a while. Then, start to relax.

Here is the Carlylean roadmap for the Misesian goal. Spontaneous order, also known as freedom, is the highest level of a political pyramid of needs. These needs are: peace, security, law, and freedom. To advance order, always work for the next step – without skipping steps. In a state of war, advance toward peace; in a state of insecurity, advance toward security; in a state of security, advance toward law; in a state of law, advance toward freedom.

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